Leaving the AFVN@YahooGroup Group - Steve Zeigler 

January 2016

    From:  Steve Zeigler

     Date:  January 1, 2016

Subject:  Hello and Goodbye

Hello AFVNers - Next week I will be unsubscribing from these emails simply because I get too much stuff. I have to cut back. 
          I signed up for these AFVN emails many years ago because..... 
               1 - as a kid, I listened to Armed Forces Radio on shortwave 
               2 - I spend 36 years in commercial radio at..... A - WHOF in Canton, Ohio B - WIOD AM & FM in Miami C - Into Tomorrow Radio Network - Miami 
          When I was drafted into the US Army I asked for Armed Forces Radio, but they thought I'd make a good MP, and so it was. But I did setup a small station in our barracks at a Nike Hercules site - we had a lot fun. 
          I leave you with a YouTube video of one of the GREATS in broadcasting, Bruce Morrow, "Cousin Brucie". Rich Stevens Show from 850 WFTL South Florida - Interview runs 41 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_HjOAUXz5Q 
         Have a great New Year !


    From:  Steve Zeigler

     Date:  January 2, 2016

​Subject:  Hello and Goodbye, Page 2

​Hello AFVNers - Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts.
I would love to go to San Diego, Joe, and say....  "Permission to come aboard?"  
But that wont happen.  TSA has ripped the fun-loving heart out of flying.  (Florida to CA)
As for now, I'll skip the "digest" version too - thanks for that suggestion.
Have a great New Year ,and beyond....
PS: "Page 2"  is from Paul Harvey.  I had the honor of engineering two of his live ABC broadcasts from Miami.

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