AFVN Group Conversations

​    From:  Ann Kelsey

     Date:  August 13, 2015

Subject:  Test the Old Recordings

I heartily second this recommendation.  The Vietnam Center does an excellent job of converting and preserving materials of this kind.  Steve Maxner is now the director of the Center.  The archivist I've worked with is Amy Mondt.

​    From:  Steve Starns

     Date:  August 13, 2015

Subject:  Test the Old Recordings

Thanks for the advice.

Preserving Old Audio Tapes

August 2015

​    From:  Paul Kasper

     Date:  August 13, 2015

Subject:  Test the Old Recordings

Many of the guys know I used to transfer reel to reels to cd/dvd there is a few secrets to using the old tapes. One tidbit which is the hardest to get collectors is baking the old tapes for 20 minutes at 200 degrees a couple of hours before you start to transfer them over to insure they will not break up during the transfer them. I do have a suggestion to have them done and you do not have to do them yourself. 
My friends at Texas Tech have all the toys and knowledge to do them correctly. You can search collections that I have sent to them by searching under names (Paul Kasper) everything I copied and the originals was sent to them. They are more than happy to do this iffy job using their equipment. One of the gentleman I worked with is listed below, If Steve is no longer in that section he will be happy to assist you with the correct contact. Due to health reasons I stopped and donated all my equipment to the Ft Rucker Museum and the Tuskegee airman museum. I have a huge collection of cd's/dvd's that I am thinking of selling- about 15,000 hours that go back to the first AFRS broadcast to the Baghdad AFRTS station. for example I have all the Gene Autry shows that aired on AFRS, Lone Ranger also, and many others. The bad news is that I have never sat down and cataloged them. 

Contact:  Steve Maxner


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