Dated:  March 25, 2016

    From:   Mike McNally

Subject:   Hanoi Hannah - New York Times Article

Tim, thanks for mentioning the Don North article about Hanoi Hannah. I also wondered about the facts in the article.
North said he heard Hanoi Hannah on a radio while he was at a Special Forces camp in September 1965. He says she mentioned three dead GIs by name and hometown. CANADA Alabama didn't look right. And COOLIGE Arizona seemed to be misspelled. If a reporter HEARS words spoken, then they should spell the words that were intended, unless he is  trying to make a point about the accent of that individual. In fact, North says Hannah spoke excellent English.
Also, I thought maybe North had ms-spelled "Hererra".
I looked up all three KIAs mentioned. In fact, they seemed to be real, all three having died within days of each MAY 1968, not SEPTEMBER 1965.
Is no one at the NY Times fact-checking Don North because he made his name being at the Embassy during Tet 1968?
I'll attach a PDF of the NY Times article.
Mike McNally

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Hanoi Hannah and Don North

   Dated:  February 10, 2018

    From:   Tim Lennox

Subject:   Hanoi Hannah - New York Times Article

I have been posting at for a decade, but this is the first Vietnam-related post I am asking members to look at and comment. It relates to  NY Times column about Hanoi Hannah.

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