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50th Vietnam War Commemorative Pin

[Taken from Facebook in January 2020.]

Agent Orange Affecting Children and Grandchildren of Vietnam Vets
This may give you some idea of how bad this may be for your children and grandchildren.
[Received from Mike Jackson in May 2016.]

Agent Orange Documentary

A well done, detailed 40-minute documentary by Community Voice Channel  on herbicide use in Vietnam, with a lot of archival footage.  The video features not only our experience in Vietnam; but, also talks about the C123K aircrews and the Blue Water Navy veterans.  Very well done, courtesy of Gerry Wright, VVA Chapter 120, Connecticut.

[Link received from Paul Kasper, July 2019.]

Agent Orange (and other Herbicides)  

Dates and Locations of Sprayings

Agent Orange Newsletter -2020

An Annual Newsletter devoted to Information related to Agent Orange  

Agent Orange Victim

Story of a crippled boy being adopted and taken to the U.S.

[Received from Mike McNally in March 2016.]

Air Force Histories Reveal CIA Role in Laos, CIA Air Strike Missions

New Evidence on Nuclear Weapons, Air Force Policy Disputes, During Vietnam War Years

[Received in November 2017.]

Air America Association Virtual Museum

This link goes to an on-line Air America Museum--some of us at some time or another might have

gotten rides on some of them.

[Received from Marc Yablonka on April 22. 2019]

American Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam

Located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Take a look to see how things have changed since the days of AFVN.

[Link received from Jim Anderson, September 2012.]

(An) American Child in Vietnam

An article from the New York Times written by Margaret Childs Westmoreland, the daughter of 

MACV Commander General Westmoreland.  She spent a year with her parents and siblings in 1964-1965

and writes about some of her experiences during that time.  

[Taken from Facebook in November 2017.]]


American Foreign Service Association

This link goes to a collection of photos prepared by the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)

covering the period from the start of the Vietnam War to date. 

[Received from Mike McNally in December 2016.]

Americans Remaining in Vietnam after April 1975

This is a group of five PDF files from Frederick Guiden (possibly copied from Facebook) .

Fred was one of those left behind but was evidently able to leave on July 9, 1976.

Frank Gulden died at 86 in April 2009.  Click here for a Washington Post article about him.

Americans (and selected Others) Known to be Still in VIetnam as of October 16, 1975

Americans Known to be Still in Vietnam as of December 10, 1975

Alpha[betical] Listing of Personnel No???????   System

(Part of the title is obscured.)

A list of 37 names, mostly Americans

[List of] Americans Scheduled to Depart Saigon, July 9, 1976

American War Vestiges in Saigon -- 606 Tran Hung Dao

After the departure of the French in 1954, the villa was acquired by the American government and became home to the

Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG), which co-ordinated the supply of military hardware, training and assistance

to the French and subsequently to the Republic of Vi?t Nam. Because of its high profile, the villa was one of three US

installations in the city targeted by the National Liberation Front on 22 October 1957.

​[Received from Mike McNally on October 23, 2015.]

America's Wars

A concise summary of participants, deaths, injuries, etc. of all of America's wars since the Revolution.

Prepared by the Department of Veterans Affairs, May 2013.

An Khe Army Airfield - A Brief Glimpse

This includes some comments by Bob Nelson who was with the 1st Air Cav as well as a video clip of the airfield.

(The) Approaching Storm: Conflict in Asia, 1945-1965

The U.S. Navy and the Vietnam War

[Received from Mike McNally.]

Australia and the Vietnam War

Lots of interesting information, stories and photos.

[Received from Paul Kasper,  September 2015.]

Australian Forces in Vietnam

This covers many aspects related to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

[Received from Paul Kasper, September 2015.]

Australian Forces Radio 
AFR operated out of Vung Tau Airbase broadcasting to all Australian forces in Phuoc Tuy Province
from November 30th, 1969 through February 14th, 1972.

Australian Vietnam Veterans Wall in Seymour, Vistoria

December 2015​

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Walk and Memorial Wall at Seymour in Victoria is an edifice Dedicated to those who served in most probably the most divisive war the Australian people and military have been involved in. At last after many years of critical comment about our Vietnam Veterans, in the twilight years of most ; a recognition that will stand and a thank you that means something without political platitudes.        

[Submitted by Jim Anderson.]  

Audiotape Letters Home

Robert McNight  1Lt, USA  An Iowa soldier took along a small tape recorder for his tour of duty in Vietnam and sent tapes home to his family in Burlington, Iowa.   We witness the Vietnam War through the voice recordings  of Lt. Robert McKnight.   You can hear AFVN in the background at times.   The 1968 3-inch reels are held by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

[Link courtesy of Rick Fredericksen and Iowa Public Radio.]

Avionic Electronics Central, Phu Loi

Here are two videos with slides of Avionic Electronic Central in Phu Loi,  about 30 miles northwest of Saigon. 

Both videos include AFVN programs as background music.  They were prepared by Jack McCabe, who was with this unit.
1967-1969  (21 min)                   1970-1972  (41 min)

[Links courtesy of Billy Williams, July 2013.]