"​Life is like a Box of C-Rations"

A Speech by Major General Robert Scales USA (Ret) at Truman Library, 12 September 2009.
[Received from Paul Kasper in June 2018.]

Camps and Bases During the Vietnam War
A rather comprehensive list of camps and bases with photos.
[Taken from Facebook on September 21, 2019.]

Central Intelligence Agency in Vietnam and Laos

Armies, Addicts and Spooks

[Received from Paul Kasper in October 2017.] 

(The) CIA's Vietnam Histories

Declassified CIA Histories Show Its Involvement in Every Aspect of the Indochina War

[Received in November 2017.]

Clippings - Miscellaneous

Best Mess - Camp Enari

Sanitation in Vietnam

Award of an Army Commendation Medal

CIDG Soldier in VC Valley

Chris Noel -- Vetsville, Home for Homeless Veterans

In the November/December, 2013 issue of "VVA Veteran" there's a very nice article about Chris and

her persistence in getting Vetsville for homeless veterans going and continuing for over 20 years.

It captures her personality really well.

To help by donating to program for helping homeless Vietnam veterans, go to

Vetsville.org.   Note:  As of July 5, 2018, this link has been suspended.

[Link courtesy of Nancy Smoyer, Donut Dollie, December 2013.]

Christmas Dinner Menus, Saigon, 1967 & 1968

[Received from Paul Kasper, December 2013.]

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu, Marine Barracks Cavite, P.I., 1921

Inserted here in counter-point to the above.

[Received from Mike McNally, November 2016.]

(The) Coast Guard in Vietnam

How a Coat-Guardsman saved a Navy Base During the Vietnam War

Combat Veterans - Rules for Dealing with

[Received from Michael Kumm in July 2019.]

Comintern Directive on the Formation of the Indo-Chinese Communist Party-1929 

One of the basic directives behind the establishment of North Vietnam

Community of US Veterans Now Calls Da Nang Home

This link goes to an article from the Stars & Stripes about many US Veterans who have returned to live in Da Nang

(Anyone want to go establish a new Det. 2?)

Cyclos -- Introduction to Vietnam in the 1930's

[Received from Mike McNally, February 2016.]