Da Nang is Coming into it own with Attractions and Resorts

AFAR Travel Guides

[Received from Mike Jackson in December 2018.]

Da Nang Cityscape in 2021

Which hotel were you billeted in?

[Received from Rick Fredriksen in March 2021.]

DAO (Defense Attache Office) Final Assessment for January through June 1975
Received from Mike McNally in January 2016.
When Mike sent this, he wrote: "I'm leaving a link which should open a PDF version of the Defense Attache Office final assessment from 1975.  The first thing you'll notice is a statement, supposedly from the "Joint Staff", saying that the assessment is not trustworthy due to the lack of supporting documents. The statement seems to be crooked on the page, so I don't know if the statement is authentic....Mike 

DAO (Defense Attache Office) Telephone Book for 1973

While it is true that our fighting forces had been removed from South Vietnam,

this 109-page phone book shows that the U.S. was still very much a "presence."

The American Services Radio (ARS) staff are listed on the following pages as "DAO Army Div.  T-1, Rm 127":

Ian G. Tervet  Page 70

Charles M. "Chuck" Neil  Page 58

Michael A. "Mike" Monderer   Page 56

Lewis A. "Lew" Ravenscroft  Page 73

(Most likely the same SFC Ravenscroft, USA, who was in Engineering in Saigon in1967-69)

DASPO (Dept. of the Army Special Photographic Office)

A novel about life in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

[From the Stars & Stripes for November 13, 2015.]

Dateline--Saigon Remembers  the Journalists Who Revealed a Dirty War

by Dante A. Ciampaglia

[Article in the Dail Star, August 6, 2020]

(A) Day in Vietnam

This 1967 U.S. Navy film is narrated by actor Jack Webb. The film argues that anti-war protesters don’t

understand what’s happening in Southeast Asia and sets out to promote the accomplishments, and

document the difficulties, facing the Marines and Navy in a single day.

DC-8 Lands on Marble Mountain, Vietnam, 1969

It was supposed to land at Da Nang but the crew goofed.

They absolved themselves by getting it into the air again.

Departing Vietnam - March 27 to 29,1973

[Received from Jim Anderson on March 28, 2015]

(An Unofficial) Dictionary Related to Vietnam

August 2014

[Prepared by Paul Kasper, proofread by Bob Nelson and edited by Jim White.]

Donut Dollies

Use your browser to search on "Donut Dollies Vietnam"
for lots of hits about the Donut Dollies

Donut Dollies - American Red Cross
Ken Leighty was the Compound Command of Special Services Recreation Center #4,
2nd Infantry Division.  He has made a special effort to include the women who
worked in moral and recreation in Korea, especially ARC and Special Services.
This link is included here because of the many connections between the Donut Dollies,
USO and Special Services staff members, and AFVN during the Vietnam War.  ​
Note:  On July 27, 2015, I discovered that the original link no longer worked and that it was now
a part of a 2nd Infantry Division website.  The link has been changed.  
It now goes to a page with links to Special Services, Donut Dollies, AFKN, etc.  Webmaster

Donut Dollies - How Red Cross Donut Dollies Supported U.S. Troops During Wartime

June 2020

Doung Van (Big) Minh's Driver

A contemporary story about Big Minh, with photos, from a tourism website and a guy that writes

about Vietnam's war history (though you may not agree with it all).

[From a post on Facebook by Rick Fredericksen.]

(A) Drone Trip from Saigon to Hanoi

December 2015

[Received from Mike McNally]

Engineers in Vietnam Part One     Part Two

The Story of the Engineer Corps during the Vietnam War.

Some of the Detachments received help from the Engineers in building their station,

maybe you can find that unit here.

Enlisted (E4) Pay in Vietnam in 1969

June 2019

[Received from Paul Kasper]

Entertaining Vietnam

January 2013

A 53-minute video, primarily on lessor known, free-lance

(mostly) Australian entertainers in Vietnam.

Go to the AFVN Group Conversation on Entertaining Vietnam

for some background behind this video.

Escape from Saigon

Story of a South Vietnamese Helicopter Pilot Escaping from Vietnam in Comic Book Form.

Escape from Vietnam by C-130

Story of a South Vietnamese C-130 Pilot Escaping with his entire Family

May 2020

Fall of Saigon - Famous Photo of People Escaping by Helicopter

​June 2019

[Received from John "Randy" Kafka.]


Fall of South Vietnam - Stars & Stripes Articles 

April 29, 1975, Page 6      May 6, 1975  Page 6

[Received from Bob Peetz in March 2019.

Far East Military Assistance Advisory Groups (MAAGs)

This is one of the "Big Picture" programs that the Department of the Army prepared in the
1950's and 60's.  It includes short stories about the various MAAGs in the Far East--

from Southeast Asia through Korea and Japan.

The portion on MAAG-Vietnam (the predecessor to MACV) starts at 5:38.

(US Navy) Fast Boats in the Mekong Delta

The story of the start of the "Brown Water Navy" in Vietnam.

[Taken from Facebook on February 2nd, 2020.]

50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration

This goes to a link with many sub-links related to commemorating the Vietnam War.

Go to the Group Conversation on this topic (Click here) to see our attempts to get involved with this project.

FIGMO Calendar - Did You Ever Use One?

[Posted on Facebook by Jack Campione, October 19, 2020] 

First Day of the Longest War

Taken from "Cheers and Tears: A Marine's Story of Combat in Peace and War.

[Posted in November 2017.]

Flags In

The custom of flying small American Flags at each grave in our Military Cemeteries on Memorial Day each year.

[Received from David Pinto who had gotten it from a Canadian who served with the Marines in Vietnam.]

Comment by Steve Sevits.   Click Here

[Received from David Pinto, May 2017)

Fleeing Da Nang - The Last Flight Out on March 29, 1975

A video of the rush to board the last World Airways flight.

[Received from Steve Sevits, February 2016.]

Flying Tiger Flight Attendants 50th Reunion

A news article on a reunion of some of the flight attendants who had worked for

Flying Tiger Airlinesand helped transport men back and forth from Vietnam.

[Submitted by Jim Anderson.]

Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association

Even though this site may not be that closely linked to AFVN, many of us were passengers

in a variety of Flying Tiger Airline planes during the Vietnam War.

(A) Forgotten Chapter of Vietnam: How an Indigenous Tribe Won the Admiration

of the Green Berets--and Lost Everything Else

The Story of the Montagnards in South Vietnam

[Received from Jim Anderson in November 2017.]

Forgotten Images of the Vietnam War

Made for the Americans Who Fouight In it

By Finbarr O'Reilly

[Received from Marc Yablonka in February 2019.]

French Battalion of UN (BF/ONU) in  Saigon in November 1953

Note the US 2nd Inf Div Patches.  These troops had fought alongside

and as part of the US 2nd Inf Div during the Korean War. 

See  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Battalion_(Korean_War)

With apologies, you will have to copy and paste the above link into a new tab on your browser.

[Posted on Facebook by Linh Yoshimura, VietnamWarHistoryOrg  June 2019.]

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