Saigon Correspondents

Who Were the Saigon Correspondents and Does it Matter?

By William M. Hammond, Spring 1999

Senior Historian, U.S. Army Center of Military History

This is a 50-page PDF file  about the Saigon Press Corps.

Saigon, the Fall of (and South Vietnam)

A 58-Minute Documentary by Tony Holden on the fall of South Vietnam and Saigon in Particular.

​[Taken from Facebook in June 2018.]

Skymaster 0-2 Observation Planes in Vietnam

An interesting story of how the the Skymaster O-2s were sent to Vietnam.

Also a link to an unusual "acrobatic helicopter."

[Submitted by by John Lehman.]

Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War

Lydia Fish (copyright 25 December 1993)

[Posted with permission.]

Sounds of Vietnam (The)

This link goes to a Web site called the "" established for the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment.

You can see the entire site by going to this link.  Or, you can go directly The Sounds of Vietnam which contains

a number of audio files from AFVN, Hanoi Hanna and Dave Rabbit (underground radio in Vietnam).  It also

has a number of other audio clips related to the Vietnam War.

NOTE:  Clicking on the links in "The Sounds of Vietnam" will download the various audio clips

which can then be played on RealPlayer.   Click here for a free copy of  RealPlayer.

Soundtrack of the Vietnam War (1966)
The Rock and Roll War

A Stars & Stripes article on music during the Vietnam War.  
It includes a reference to AFVN at the bottom of the first page of text.
[Received from Jim White on November 14, 2016.]

Stars & Stripes for February 6, 1968  (partial)

This is a four-page PDF showing parts of the Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper for Tuesday, 6 February 1968.

It includes a news story about how the Plaza BEQ on Tran Hung Dao Street was defended against a VC attack. T

here's also an item saying that a downtown Saigon PX had reopened.  This might have been at the Meyerkord.

It also states  that AFVN had been broadcasting warnings to Americans to stay off the streets. The news item

states that on Sunday, 4 Feb 1968, a 1900 hrs. curfew was in place, and there was an order to "shoot on sight."

On the home front, a lady in Cincinnati had joined the WACs after her husband had been KIA in South Vietnam.

In world news, the US and North Korea were reportedly in secret negotiations for the return of the USS Pueblo.

[Comments and PDF furnished by Mike McNally on  September 26, 2013.]

Stars & Stripes - Vietnam at 50

This link goes to collection of news articles related to Vietnam taken from the Stars & Stripes over the years.

Stars & Stripes Special on the Vietnam War

This is a 16-page special on the Vietnam War published on November 11, 2014.

It is in two parts due to upload limitations.

Part One              Part Two

Survivors of Vietnam, Stories from

A video project by Zachary Warren -- interviews with 10 Vietnam Veterans, sharing their stories of an

often misunderstood time in our nations history.  While the war

ended in 1975, the conflict and struggle continues to this day.

The side-bar should go to many other stories of the Vietnam War.

[Link received from Dick Ellis, January 2019.]

(The) Sympathizer - 2016 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Fiction

By Viet Thanh Nguyen

A layered Immigrant tale told in the wry, confessional voice of a "man of two minds" --

and two countries, Vietnam and the United States.  

[Received from RIck Fredericksen in April 2016.]

Tan Son Nhut Association

Nearly all of us went through Tan Son Nhut at least a couple of times.  This link goes to the above Association's website.

It has a number of sections which might be of interest to at least some of us.

[Submitted by Jim Anderson in April 2014.]

Tan Son Nhut Airport -- A Typical Day in 1968

Set to the Sounds of "Dawn Buster."

[Link received from Bob Peetz , Webkeeper,]

Tan Son Nhut Bars

YouTube video of some bars near Tan Son Nhut in 1971.

[Submitted by Paul Kasper, August 2013]

Some Related Comments:

From:  Paul Poppino

Sent:  August 13, 2013

Subject:  Tan Son Nhut Bars  1971  Anyone remember this one?

Does anyone remember "Kings Mexican Restaurant" just outside Tan Son Nhut.  It was the only place for tacos and enchiladas with refried beans?

From:  Paul Poppino

Sent:  August 13, 2013

Subject:  Tan Son Nhut Bars  1971  Anyone remember this one?

Classic film!  Talk about low overhead.  All you needed was a stool, a beer, and a girl and you had a bar.  Probably no need to buy Saigon Tea at these dives.  While Tu Do was 5-stars in comparison, I was usually working and didn't have much time for any of it. Also didn't know about King's Restaurant. Thanks for sharing.


Tan Son Nhut Terminal Bombing - 1965

Clipping from the Stars & Stripes  for June 18, 1965.

[Received from Mike McNally in March 2016.]

Tet 68, 25th Anniversary

Youtube Presentation

[​Received from Rick Fredericksen in February 2018]

Tet 68, 25th Anniversary

CBS Presentation featuring Rick Fredericksen when he was with CBS in Bangkok.

[Received from Jim White in February 2018.]

​Tet 68, 50th Anniversary

Stars and Stripes Special

[Received from Jim White in February 2018]

TET (Vietnamese New Year) traditions

Received from Mike McNally in January 2017.]

To Pledge Alligence -- Personal Stories Related to the Vietnam War

From "The Atlantic" Magazine

[Received from David Pinto, September 2017.]

Thieu Nguyen Van

President Thieu's letter to the President of the United States congratulating for the moon landing in July 1969. 

[Received in June 2019.]

Thieu ​Nguyen Van (President of South Vietnam 1965 - 1975)
Passed away in 2001.
[Received from Mike McNally in September 2017.] 

Top Ten Songs of Vietnam (Notes and the Actual Songs)

[Received from Tim Abney in December 2015]

Top Ten Vietnam War Movies
by James M. Lindsey
[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen on March 27, 2015]​

Train from Hanoi to Ninh Binh (2017)

A long (2:26) video view from the Engineer's seat but it shows how much Vietnam has changed.

[Received from Mark Yablonka, November 2018]

Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

Featuring Sam Elliot

[Submitted by Paul Kasper on September 1, 2015]

Troop Levels in South Vietnam -  1959 to 1973

[Submitted by Jim Anderson on January 5, 2017]

(The) Twenty Best Vietnam Protest Songs

by James M. Lindsey
[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen on March 28, 2015]​

Twenty Harrowing Photos of the Vietnam War and

The Lack of a Welcome upon Returning Home

April 2018

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