Whose War Was it?
 New York Times article on  the South Vietnamese Military.
Received from Bruce Eaton, August 2017.​Type your paragraph here.

You Are Not Forgotten
Belinda Hauger
This is a moving story of a daughter's visit to the Vietnam Memorial and finding the name of a young soldier
for whom her mother had once bought and worn a bracelet commemorating that he was missing in action.
(Received from Jim Anderson in August 2013.  Posted with  the author's permission.)

V to Z

Vietnam in 1971

​by John Wolf on November 7, 2011

At that time, he wrote "I bought an 8mm Yashica movie camera during a stand down from combat. Took movies during the stand down and then decided to hump the camera into the bush on our next mission. I took footage during our airmobile assault. After blocking out Vietnam for 36 years I decided to use my footage to pay tribute to those soldiers that were ambushed and killed on Easter Sunday 4-11-1971. I never expected that video to be seen 1.5 million times and the rest of my videos to be seen 1 million times for a total of 2.5+ million currently. In this version, I decided to add personal narration."


Launching with a robust and diverse slate of content, VetFlicks will be building solid and valuable relationships

with a number of veteran filmmakers, releases and distribution platforms.  VetFlicks’ Theatre Network, VetFlicks

Exchange and VetFlicks Digital content will be relevant to global exhibition outlets and on all existing and foreseeable

digital platforms.  Read more.... 

Note:  This comes close to being an advertisement, something I try to avoid but since it appears to be

non-profit and is directed towards veterans, i think that it is worth posting.   Jim White, Webmaster

[Received from Michael Goucher in June 2017.]

Vietnam - 40 Years Later

A couple of links and other information related to the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon.

Vietnam 50th Commemorative Gift

Fifty years after Vietnam, an original collection of stories has been released to honor and remember the service, duty,

and sacrifice of Vietnam era veterans. Representing all states and services, this Vietnam 50th Commemorative Gift

is available as a state-sponsored gift to Vietnam veterans through 2017 and will be made available to the general public

 in 2018. We invite you to learn more about this unprecedented commemorative gift and the states and private community partners who are making it possible.

[Submitted by Mike McNally in February 2017.]

Vietnam Grunts in 1971 (Home Movie)

I bought an 8mm Yashica movie camera during a stand down from combat. Took movies during the stand down and then decided to hump the camera into the bush on our next mission. I took footage during our airmobile assault. After blocking out Vietnam for 36 years I decided to use my footage to pay tribute to those soldiers that were ambushed and killed on Easter Sunday 4-11-1971. I never expected that video to be seen 1.5 million times and the rest of my videos to be seen 1 million times for a total of 2.5+ million currently. In this version, I decided to add personal narration.

[Posted by John Wolf on YouTube November 7, 2014.]

Vietnam - Links to a Variety of Websites on Vietnam

This goes to a variety of websites on the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Postcards
Vintage Postcards Showing Life in Vietnam in the Early 20th Century.
[Received from Rick Fredericksen in January 2016.]

Vietnam Radio and Television Stations as of 2013

A list of current radio and TV stations in Vietnam.  Some of them are where some of us

have been and others are undoubtedly at locations familiar to someone.

Vietnam-Related Video Collection

This WBGH (Boston) link shows the November 1, 1964 anniversary celebration of the overthrow of the Diem regime.

General Westmoreland, in dress whites, and Duong Van Minh (Big Minh),

the last president of South Vietnam, are shown on the reviewing stand.

(Unfortunately, there is no sound to accompany the video.)

[Submitted by Mike McNally.]

Vietnam Sketchbook

by Gene Basset / Book by K.M. Kostyal

[Received from Rick Fredericksen, January 2016

Vietnam - The Quiet Mutiny  [1970]
This is a 1970 Documentary by John Pilger about disillusioned American troops in open rebellion against the war. 

Vietnam: The Real War - in Pictures

From "The Guardian"   

[Taken from Facebook, November 2017]

Vietnam - The 10,000 Day War

A series of 13, 50-minute or so YouTube programs on the Vietnam War by Ferenc Csaszar

Vietnam Today

A short discussion about Vietnam today and how much it has changed or not changed over the years.

Vietnam Travel Brochure

A travel brochure inviting people to visit "beautiful South Vietnam."  Possibly dated 1961.

[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen.]

Vietnam Under the French Prior to World War Two

Also some information on Cambodia and Laos.

Don't worry if your French is rusty.  Attached is a link to a French site which you can enjoy just by clicking on everything

that is clickable.  When you get to the end of a particular page, just return to the Sommaire page and go to the next item.

Near the bottom of the Sommaire page, is a recording of Josephine Baker singing "La Petite Tonkinoise."

There is also a short video showing the French in Indochina.

[Submitted by Mike McNally.]

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally

chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.

Vietnam Wall Memorial

This link goes to a where one can explore the memorial where one can search a variety of ways.

[Received from Steve Sevits in January 2016.]

Vietnam Wall Memorial - 22 Things You Should Know About the

A list of 22 major facts related to the Vietnam Wall Memorial


Vietnam Wall "Facts"

[Received from John Kafka in August 2016]

Vietnam Wall Photos

This goes to a number of unique photos of the Vietnam Wall and other wall memorials in the D.C. area

taken by Paul Kasper's friend, Richard McCorrison.

[Received from Paul Kasper in November 2016]

Vietnam Wall - He Helped Build the Memorial

How did he end up dead in a landfill?

Jack Wheeler co-founded the organization that built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, known as the Wall.  

His body was found in a landfill in Delaware in 2010.

[Received from Jim Anderson in May 2017.]

Vietnam Wall - Additions as of Memorial Day, 2017

[Received from Bob Peetz in June 2017]

"Vietnam War" Episode 1: What They Got Wrong (Burns/Novick/PBS)

By Prof. Robert F. Turner

​[Posted on Facebook, April 2018]

Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony

Camp Zama, Japan

May 12, 2015

[Submitted by Jim White]

(The) Vietnam War Day-by-Day

Twelve PDF files covering the Vietnam War by month.   Select the month and then scroll down to find the day. 

The files are rather large so they may take a moment to load.  

(The) Vietnam War Divided the Country,

But Music United The Troops

A new book explores the way Americans who served in the Vietnam War

turned to music to cope.

[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen on December 11, 2015.]

Vietnam War - Fallacies of Burns and Novick's Documentary

[Received February 2018.]

Vietnam War History

This is a website for veterans of the Vietnam War.  You have to sign up through Facebook but that is easy to do.

(Click on the above to open Facebook.  Sign in.  Then search for VietnamWarHistory.org.  

You will get their postings and, if not already signed up, a chance to do so.)

After joining, posts made by other members will show up as you browse Facebook.

[Received from Jerry Nelson on August 24, 2017.]

Vietnam War - Ken Burns Never Knew How Wrong He Was

[Received from Rick Fredericksen on September 5, 2017.]

Vietnam War Records - Access to

[Taken from Facebook in October 2017.]

Vietnam War - The War That Killed Trust

by Karl Marlantes

[Submitted by Paul Kasper in June 2017.]

Vietnam War - TV Documentary by Ken Burns

Posted in advance as a means to help all of us remember to see it.

[Received from Bob Morecook in November 2016.]

Vietnam War - TV Documentary by Ken Burns

Another link--This one to a New York Times article.

[Received from Jim Anderson in June 2017.]

Vietnam War - TV Documentary by Ken Burns

Review by Marc Leepson,  Arts Editor Vietnam Veterans of America
[Taken from Facebook, October 2017.]

Vietnam War (The) - TV Documentary by Ken Burns

Group Discussion following the broadcasting of the series. 

[October and November, 2017.]

Vietnam War (The) - TV Documentary by Ken Burns

'Beyond shameful': Don't fall for this deceitful Vietnam flick

(Scroll  down)

[February 2018]

(Vietnam War, The) The Ken Burns Documentary - A Review

By Marc Leepson, Arts Editor, The VVA Veteran

[Taken from Facebook in November 2017.]

Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll (The Ken Burns) 

Article by Nick Turse in "The Intercept_

[Taken from Facebook in November 2017.]

Vietnam War ' Episolde 1;  What They Got Wrong

Written by Robert Turner at the request of the Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

[Received from Dick Ellis, April 2018]

(The) Vietnam War in Photos

This goes to a three-part photo history of the Vietnam War

[Submitted by Mike McNally on April 2, 2015.]

Vietnam War Memorial in the Colorado Mountains

Gunnison, Colorado

This video was made by some dirt bikers along the continental divide near Gunnison, Colorado who

stumbled upon this Vietnam memorial in the woods.  Whoever did it, put a lot of money into it. 

Interesting to say the least as to the location and how it got there.

I had first posted this in 2014, and also included another link to some comments

related to the Memorial.   However, this link disappeared a few years later.

The above link is from Marc Yablonka (in November 2018) and

includes a long list of messages from various people about the site.

Remarks by Jim White when originally posted in 2014:

Vietnam Veteran LTC Stuart Beckley spent the last years of his life building a Vietnam memorial in a

remote area of the Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado at Sargent’s Pass (correct spelling) near

the continental divide…and wanted it kept a secret except to those who simply happened to find it.  

It is called ‘Soldierstone’.  This clip is from a Colorado television station.  They noted that they had broadcast 

the story with the promise that they would keep the location of the site a secret.   

Most interesting!  And, very international!  One of the small surrounding markers (towards the end

of the video) is in Japanese and dedicated to the Japanese soldiers who died in Indo-China between

1940 and 1945.


(Related to the previous entry.)

The public has discovered a hidden war memorial. 

Does that change its meaning?

By Grace Hood,  KUNC - Hidden Colorado

[Received from Marc Yablonka, November 2018.]

When Marc submitted this, he wrote: "This was conceived, designed and built by the late LTC Stuart Beckley who served multiple tours in SE Asia.   My comments here are true because they're what Stu told me when I knew him via mail and voice tapes several decades ago before cancer killed him. Stu served multiple SE Asia tours, in VN, Laos, Thailand, always as an advisor as he preferred.   He had a close affinity with SE Asian people and their cause to build a just, decent society.   Of course, wangling for advisor tours did not boost one's career but Stu didn't care.   He married a Thai woman, Panee, and they had at least one son who eventually became an Infantry officer and his jump wings pinned on him by his Dad.   It was a race to get things finished but Stu pressed on.   He had profound respect and reverence for SE Asia's KIA and the monument is not only one to the U.S. but to all who died fighting communism."

Soldierstone - 2

This link goes  to Blackpony.ORG run by Bob Peetz and covers much of the above plus much more of the story.

[Received from Bob Peetz in November 2018.]

Vietnam War Memorial - Westminster, Calilfornia

One of the largest concentrations of Vietnamese-Americans in the United States. 

This link goes to an article about the memorial and the installation of computers which will permit visitors to learn more about the war and those who sacrificed their lives.

[Received from Mike McNally in October 2016.]

Vietnam War Photographs by Dickey Chapelle
Wisconsin-born photojournalist Dickey Chapelle was one of the first women foreign correspondents to cover World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and other U.S. military engagements worldwide.  Her writings and pictures appeared in the magazines Reader's Digest, National Geographic, Look, and the Saturday Evening Post from the 1940's to the 1960s.  Chapelle was killed in Vietnam in 1965 while pursuing her profession. The link above takes you to dozens of her pictures made in Southeast Asia before her death.
[Received from Mike McNally in May 2016.]

Vietnam War Statistics (2 pages)
August 2015
​[Received from Paul Bottoms]

Vietnam War Statistics
A rather large, 21-page PDF giving a great number of statistics related to the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War Statistics

​This link goes to the History Channel.

​[Posted on Facebook by Tom Keating on February 20, 2019.]

Vietnam War Web Sources

January 2016

"One of the best Vietnam information sources ever seen."

[Received from Dick Ellis]

Since receiving the above, I have been in contact with Tom Pilsch, the Webmaster for the above site.

He wrote that he had moved them to another server so the above and related sites are now found as follows:

Vietnam War Websources

Air Operations

MACV (Hue) Compound

Life of the Soldier during the Vietnam War

August 2017

[Jim White, Webmaster]

Vietnam War, Why Did America Fight it?

Comments by Steve Sevits and Frank Rogers   Click Here

May 2017

[Received from David Pinto]

Village Life in the Northern Part of Vietnam in 2013

Basically a travelogue but it provides a good comparison of the Vietnam that all of us

knew 40 years ago and presents one aspect of Vietnam today.

Visiting VIP's

October 2013

Comments about various VIP's visiting AFVN.

(Goes to AFVN Group Conversation - Celebrities) 

War Stories - LZ Colt 

An 85-page PDF file written by George Kalergis who served as an officer in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

This file is a little large so it is a little slow in loading.

[Posted on Facebook in March 2019.]

Was Vietnam Winnable?

An article from the opinion pages of The New York Times by Mark Moyar

Received from Rick Fredericksen, May 2017.

We Can't Forget Vietnam

A Documentary on the Vietnam War​

​Received from Bruce Eaton, August 2018

Welcome to the Sunny Tropics of South Vietnam

Received from Keith Goudy, VietnamWarHistory.Org