​​​​​​​Oath of Enlistment  

​​​Oberhansly, Barbara "Bobbie" - Photos and Stories         

                                                       - "The Observer" for July, 6, 1963 

                                                       - Christmas Party, 1967     DL(#15)    DL(#16)   DL(#17)   DL(#18)

Obsessive (and The Weird) Songs About Vietnam

Obvious Signs You are or were in the Military

O'Brian, Hugh - Photo by Mikesch, Go To      JM(#37)   JM(#38)

​O'Conner, Joe - Photo -  RB(#03) 

                                        - At the weather set    RB(#24)   

                                        - Taking it easy       RB(#18)    RB(#19) 

                                        -   With Donna Hollowell and SFC Rather   RB(#25)

O'Connor, David (or Donald?) - Photo  CL(#17)

​O'Connor, David - Reminiscences and Stories 

                              - Reminiscences and Stories, Cal LaMartiniere

O'Connor, Roger - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969     

Offenbacher, James D. "Doug" - Art Department with others    RM(#20)

                                                       - Indianapolis April 2002 Reunion

                                                       - Memories of the AFVN Team killed near Da Nang in 1969     

                                                       - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969

                                                       - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 7, September 1969

 Officers on the Air (Closing Detachments and)

"Oh Dark Thirty" or "Zero Dark Thirty"

Ohio State University War Protests as seen by Forrest Brandt


Old Age and a Bad Memory - Looking for a Western Singer who was on AFVN

Old Radio Programs - Includes a link to AFVN

Old Saigon - The Saigoneer    

Old Time Radio Catalog (OTRCAT.com)

Oldham, Scott - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

                           - Photo with others at Det 3  

Oliver, Terry - Founding of the AFVN Yahoo Group 

                       - Indianapolis April 2002 Reunion

                       - Photo - At the 10th AFVN Anniversary Party    SA(#13)

                                     - With Walt Thompson and Ted Stites    SA(#60)

                       - TV News - "The Week in Review"  

Olsen, Craig - Photo     CP(#01)

                                   - Rifle Range    CP(#09)

On This Day in the Navy 50 Years Ago (October 31, 1966)

On Patrol  Magazine - Article by Pat Sajak 

One of Three - (We are) 

Operation Lone Star - Bob Morecook

Operations Table (Vietnam)  

Organization, AFVN

"Orient Express" - Paul Bottoms

Oriental and Vietnamese Beers

Other Reasons for AFVN   

Orphanage - Videotaping at an 

Oscar - A story by Ken Kalish about one of his llamas chasing a bear

Our History - Participating in the AFVN@Yahoogroups.com

Our Turn - Poem by Forrest Brandt on Relating War Experiences

Our Voices

Outline of AFVN News - 1969

​Owsley, Harry - Newsletter dated January 1972

Oxford, Mississippi - Side Trip by Forrest Brandt    Photos   


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