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​​​​​​1st Brigade, 5th Mechanized Infantry Division

1st Infantry Division, KLIK

4th Division - Dolls "Work Out"  (Clipping)  

"7% of Americans have worn a U.S. Military Uniform Keeping ou Country Free for 100% of ....

9th Infantry Division's Radio Station

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, K Troop 

​​​40 Years Later, Vietnam  

40 Years on from the fall of Saigon -  Witnessing the end of the Vietnam War       

50 Years Later - the Censorship Fiasco   

50th Anniversary of AFRTS - News Release

50th Anniversary of TET 68 - Stars and Stripes Special 

50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration 

                                                                                                     - Critique on 

          [Under Paying Respects, Pentagon Revives Vietnam, and War Over Truth]

50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemorative Pin

50th Reunion - Flying Tiger Flight Attendants  

60+ AFVN Vets in New Book   (in "Broadcasting: Untold Chaos")

"70" - Story by Ken Kalish about Waiting in Line with a Wounded Veteran

75th Anniversary - American Forces Network (AFN) 

101st Airborne Division PIO

​125th Signal Brigade

256th ASA/RRU, Story David Pinto

256th ASA/RRU Web Page

366th Fighter Association       (Recipical Link)

553rd Ordance Detachment - Photo - AFVN Admin's Favorite watering hole

606 Tran Hung Dao - MAAG Headquarters  

                                                                              - Building to be Demolished   

1899 - Saigon in   

1937 - Saigon Map 

1929 - Comintern Directive Authorizing the Formation of the Indo-Chinese Communist Party 

1943 - Armed Forces Radio Service Started in   

1953 - (November 9th to 15th) - Weekly Information and Tourist Booklet   

1955, 1946, 1940 - Saigon 

1955 - Saigon Aerial Views 

1955 - Sight-Seeing in Saigon   

1958 - Saigon Guide  

1960 - Saigon Map - As Printed  

                                   - Rotated    

1968 A.D. - "A Year in the Life of Man" - Garry Gears

1968 - Car Bombing of AFVN Saigon

1968 - Memories of, Forrest Brandt

10,000 Day War - The Vietnam War

100,000 - Nixon and the Vietnam War