Undersea Cable - Connects AFRTS in Saigon with AFRTS in Los Angeles

Udorn AB, Thailand - F-4 crashed into a AFTN Detachment, killing nine personnel (several links)

                                    - The Udorn Nine - 25 Minute Video of the Crash and following Fire

Uniform Changes (and Saluting)

Unit Advisor in Vietnam (1963), US Army          Comments

​​Unit Histories - Military Service Records and Awards - Guide to Locating Sources (A)

United States Space Force - Specialist Ranks    

University of Mississippi - Side Trip in 2012 by Forrest Brandt    

                                            -  Photos

Unkindness, Comes an - A Story by Ken Kalish on the arrival of Fall.  

Unknown - Reminiscences and Stories

"Untold Chaos"  (by Rick Fredericksen)

Unusual Names

"Up Country" by Nelson DeMille

Urasaki, Tado - Da Nang

                         - Assigned to AFVN

Urinating and ​Defecating on the Street

USAID Special Bulletin - February 1968 

Using TV Channels for Radio Broadcasts    

US Air Force - Role/Involvement with CIA during Vietnam War

US Army - Advisor in Vietnam        

                 - Hidden Treasure Room   

                 - Military Intelligence History, A Sourcebook     

                 - Special Photographic Unit    

 US - Consulate in Saigon, Excerpts from the History of

                                               - In the old US Embassy Compound (Photo)

       - Delegation Four Party Joint Military Team (FPJMT)   

       - Forces Facilities During the Vietnam War  

       -  Girls May Go-Go to Saigon      

       - Military Casualties of War  

       - Military Medals.com

       - Navy and the Vietnam War - The Approaching Storm: Conflict in Asia, 1945-1965   

       - Navy in Vietnam   

       - POW Remains in Vietnam - Flying Them Out of Hanoi     

       - The following links are all related to the return of US POWs in 1973   

       -  Photos from Tan Son Nhut, Gia Lam and Loc Ninh

       - Story and Photos on "Homecoming at Loc Ninh"   (From Airman Magazine, June 1973)

       - Link to MIA Facts Site on the Gia Lam Warehouse and Airport

US Embassy from the Air    GW(#11)

USAID and Other Restaurants

USARV Showcase

Using TV Channels for Broadcasting Radio

USO - Bob Hope USO Shows: The One Man Morale Machine

         - Delivering a Thanksgiving Dinner to AFVN in 1967

         - Donut Dollies and MARS (Radio)

         - Located on Nguyen Hue

         - Photo of USO in Saigon

US Navy Leading South Vietnamese Naval and Civilian Ships to the Philippines 

US Prisoners - Lest We Ever Forget

USS Battleship Utah - A Short Story and Some Reflections by Ken Kalish on an almost

                                               forgotten Naval ship  

USS Kirk Rescues Vietnamese Naval and Other Ships at the End of the Vietnam War

USS Pueblo - Captured by North Korea


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