Undersea Cable - Connects AFRTS in Saigon with AFRTS in Los Angeles

Uniform Changes (and Saluting)

Unit Advisor in Vietnam (1963), US Army          Comments

​​Unit Histories - Military Service Records and Awards - Guide to Locating Sources (A)    

University of Mississippi - Side Trip in 2012 by Forrest Brandt    

                                                                                                              -  Photos

Unkindness, Comes an - A Story by Ken Kalish on the arrival of Fall.  

Unknown - Reminiscences and Stories

"Untold Chaos"  (by Rick Fredericksen)

Unusual Names

"Up Country" by Nelson DeMille

Urasaki, Tado - Da Nang

                         - Assigned to AFVN

USAID Special Bulletin - February 1968      

US Air Force - Role/Involvement with CIA during Vietnam War

US Army - Advisor in Vietnam        

                 - Hidden Treasure Room   

                 - Military Intelligence History, A Sourcebook     

                 - Special Photographic Unit    

 US - Consulate in Saigon, Excerpts from the History of

                                               - In the old US Embassy Compound (Photo)

       - Delegation Four Party Joint Military Team (FPJMT)   

       - Forces Facilities During the Vietnam War  

       -  Girls May Go-Go to Saigon      

       - Military Casualities of War  

       - Military Medals.com

       - Navy and the Vietnam War - The Approaching Storm: Conflict in Asia, 1945-1965   

       - Navy in Vietnam   

       - POW Remains in Vietnam - Flying Them Out of Hanoi     

       - The following links are all related to the return of US POWs in 1973   

       -  Photos from Tan Son Nhut, Gia Lam and Loc Ninh

       - Story and Photos on "Homecoming at Loc Ninh"   (From Airman Magazine, June 1973)

       - Link to MIA Facts Site on the Gia Lam Warehouse and Airport

USAID and Other Restaurants

USARV Showcase

USO - Delivering a Thanksgiving Dinner to AFVN in 1967

         - Donut Dollies and MARS (Radio)

         - Located on Nguyen Hue

         - Photo of USO in Saigon

USS Batleship Utah - A Short Story and Some Reflections by Ken Kalish on an almost

                                               forgotten Naval ship  

USS Pueblo - Captured by North Korea


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