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VA - Agent Orange Registry​​​​​

      - Apply(ing) for VA Survivor Benefits

                 Form 21-686c   Evidence Needed to Support a Claim

      - Benefits - As We Grow Older    

      - Benefits - Hearing Loss

      - Disabilities and Pensions

      - Eligibility for Agent Orange Disability Compensation

      - Identification Card

      - Planning our Legacy - VA Survivors and Benefits Kit

      - Presumptive Disability Benefits

Vail, Robert - Photo with Don Meredith, Dick Bass and Larry Wilson

                      - Photo by Mikesch    JM(#12)

Van Cise, John - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Van Dyke, Paul - "An Evening with Garry Lyon and Paul Van Dyke"   (Photos by Jim White)

                            - Photo    RB(#32)

                            - Photo when with AFN, Europe (1971 or later?)

                            - Reminiscences and Stories, Cal LaMartiniere - 11  

                            - Reminiscences and Stories, Roger Ashworth - 2      

Vander-Myde, Danny K. - Newsletter, January 1972       

                                           - Walling BEQ Resident List   

                                           - Receiving an award   KC(#28)

Vann, John Paul - Memo from General Abrams regarding AFVN Facility turnover

​Van Riper, James - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 7, September 1969

Van Vooren, Joe - Photo    RB(#29)

                             - Photo - In a Lighter Mood     RB(#14)

                              - Photo - In a Serious Mood    RB(#04)

                              - Photo - With Doug Cooper   RB(#01)

                              - Photo - With Ron Bartlett     RB(#08)

                              - Photo - BM(#26)

Van Orden,  James T.  -  Photo taken at the August 1970 AFVN Anniversary Party

Vehorn, Frank - News    (Bill Altman - PDF Attachment)  

                           - Photo    BN(#08)

                           - Photo   CP(#02)

                           - Photo - With Ron Hesketh in 1964 and again in 2016

Vetflicks - A on-line site directed towards veterans and their needs.

Veterans Day - A Soldier's Refrain: Going Home by Forrest Brandt

                           This story led to a discussion about December 7, 1941 and a second discussion

                           about the Army "shorts and knee socks" uniform.

Veterans Day Speech - A sample speech written by Ken Kalish

Veterans - Administration and CVS Caremark and Minute Clinics 

                 - and Small Businesses

                 - Discounts  

                 - House Committee on Veterans Affairs

                 - Keeping Copies of Paperwork

                 - (A) Veteran's Playlist: The Top Ten Vietnam War Songs

​                 - State Veteran Benefits

                 - Suggestions for Dealing with the VA

                 - (A) Tribute to Our Military    

                 - Tribute to Vietnam Veterans   

                 - State Veterans' Administration Offices

Video - Archives

            - Graphics - One of many prepared at AFVN    JM(#22)  

            - Saigon Streets in 1964  

            - (Home) - Quang Tri, Da Nang and Saigon - Steve Wiltsie   

            - Quadruplex Equipment at Saigon Station

            - Vietcong Attack upon the American Embassy during TET '68

            - Vietnam-Related Collection   

Videotape Recorders, 2 Inch

Viet Cong - Prisoners of War  LW-Crider(#10)

Vietnam - and AFVN - Memorabilia    

                - Community - in Houston Honor Vietnam Veterans

                - Fall of Saigon (and South Vietnam) (58-Minute Video)

                - 50th Commemorative Gift

                - Going back to  Peter Berlin 

                - Going back to live   

                - Hanoi Photos from 100 Years Ago

                - Life in - Weekly News Magazine

                - Montage  (Billy Williams)

                - NBC to Help Set Up Four Vietnam TV Stations 

                - "Necessities" included AFVN

                - Operations Table  

                - Postcards  

                - Project Jenny Airborne PSYOPS Radio Station  

                - Radio and Television Stations as of 2013     

                - Related to

                - Related Video Collection    

                - Return to - Dennis Woytek   

                - Revisited

                - Sketchbook    

                - Songs About Vietnam, The Weird and Obsessive Worldof  

                - Sounds of     

                - The Real War - in Pictures

                - Thesis on Music and AFVN - Author and Date Unknown 

                - (This is....) - Slide for  the TV Program   JM(#21)

                - Today - Group Conversation  

                - Travel Brochure (1961?)

                - U.S. involvement in Vietnam (CBS News Poll)    

                - Under the French Prior to World War Two     

                - Vet Radio   

                - Veterans of America Review of  Ken Burns Documentary

                - Veterans Parade in White Settlement, Texas

                - Village Life in the Northern Part in 2013    

                - Visiting Vietnam - Ideas on how to plan

Vietnam Wall - Death of one of the co-founders of the organization that built it 

                          - Eligibility for  

                          - Facts   (Includes a short conversation)

                          - Some Unique Photos  

​                          - Update as of Memorial Day, 2017      

Vietnam War - Air Operations   

                         - Air Raids over the North

                         - Allied Participation in Vietnam
                         - and Nixon / 100-Thousand (Draftees)

                         - At 50 - 1966  

                         - Camps and Bases During the Vietnam War

                         - Canadians who joined the US Military during the Vietnam War

                         - Commemoration Ceremony - Camp Zama, Japan     

                         - Commemoration - 50th Anniversary of the 

                         - Commemorative Pin - 50th Anniversary of  the Vietnam War

                         - Censorship During the

                                                                      - My Experience when working at a MARS Station

                                                                       - Revisited

                         - Day-by-Day  

                         ​- Discussion of Documentary by Ken Burns, "The Vietnam War

                         - Divided the Country, but Music United the Troops  

                         - Documentary - Ken Burns  

                                                      - "Beyond Shameful": Don't Fall for this Deceitful Vietnam Flick

​                                                      - Burns/Novick/PBS "Vietnam War" # 1: What They Got Wrong

                                                       - Documentary Glosses over Devastating Civilian Toll (Ken Burns') 

                                                       - Ken Burns - AFVN Group Conversation   
Never Knew How Wrong He Was 

                                                                              - Vietnam Veterans of America - A Review

                                                       - "We Can't Forget Vietnam"    

                                                       - Leaves Out Context, America's Global War on Communism

                         -  End of illusions and the hope of victory in Vietnam (The)

                         - 50th Commemorative Gift 

                         - Forgotten Images of the Vietnam War - Made for the Americans Who Fought In It
40 Years Later 
                         - Forty Years on from the fall of Saigon:
Witnessing the end of the Vietnam War 

                         - Grunts in 1971  
Helicopter Pilots in

                         - in Photos       Part One      Part Two     Part Three       

                        - Life of a Soldier in Vietnam   

                         - Links to Other Related Websites 

                         - Map (In the AFVN Engineering Section)

                         - Map (Interactive)

                         - Marines, Last Two Killed in Vietnam War

                         - Memorial - Vietnam War Memorial in the Colorado Mountains and Soldierstone

                         - Memorial Wall  

                                                      - 22 Things You Should Know About the   

                                                      - In Colorado Mountains    

                         - Military Records

                         - Mis-educates America - PBS Program, Review by Francis P. Sempa

​                         - Ohio State University Protests against the Vietnam War as seen by Forrest Brandt

                         - Photographs by DIckey Chapelle  

                         - Photos - Saigon, 1968   

                         - Songs of Americans in the    

                         - (Soundtrack of the) - Stars & Stripes Special,  November 14, 2016  

                         - Stars & Stripes Articles     April 29, 1975     May 6, 1975

                         - Stars & Stripes Special      Part One       Part Two    

                         - Statistics - 2 pages      

                                            - 21 pages     
Remaining as of 2020 and Other Statistics

                         - The Real War in Pictures   The Guardian

                         - The War That Killed Trust   

                         - Personal Stories of the Vietnam War  

                         - Photos that Made a Difference    Click on lower left corner of the first photo

                                       to start the slide show.  Slide #9 shows a group of GIs in the field

                                       listening to AFVN radio.  This photo is also on our AFVN History page.

                         - The 10,000 Day War (13 video episodes)

                         - USS Kirk Rescues South Vietnamese Naval and Other Ships at the end

                          - (The Top Ten) Vietnam War Songs of the Vietnam War - A Veteran's Playlist

                         - Websources 

                         - "What I Learned Photographing the Vietnam War" - Dick Durrance   

                         - "Whose War Was It?" - A New York Times discussion of the ARVN Military  

                         - Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War? 

                                                                                                      - Comment by Steve Sevits

                                                                                                      - Comment by Frank Rogers   

                        - Witnessing the End of the  

Vietnam - Women's Memorial      

Vietnam Era Broadcasting - Links to short videos featuring Adrian Cronauer, Paul Bottoms 

                                                            and Tony Booth

Vietnam Magazine - "Bleath" by Rick Fredericksen in Vietnam Magazine, April 2014  

                                  - "The Making of 'Good Morning, Vietnam'" by Rick Fredericksen  

                                 - "The Last Stand of Detachment 5" by Rick Fredericksen in Vietnam Magazine,

​                                                     February 2018

Vietnamese-American - Growing up in America

​Vietnamese (Indo-Chinese) - Authorization to form the Communist Party, 1929

Vietnamese and Chinese Dallies -Saigon Press Review    

Vietnamese Immigrant - The Story of     
Vietnamese Local Hire - AFVN

Vietnamese Local Hire - AFVN - Christmas Party 1967    DL(#08)

Vietnamese Psychiartrist - PTSD

Vietnamese TV Station - Damage from Bomb on May 3, 1968

                                         - Damage from Bomb on May 3, 1968 - Photo  LWSai(#02)

                                         - New building as of 2010 or so

                                         - Next to the Saigon Main Station as of 2015   HS(#01)

View from Saigon (The) - AFVN Coverage of the 1968 Presidential Election    

Village Life - Northern Part of Vietnam in 2013   

Villines, R. - Walling BEQ Resident List 

VIP - Coverage during August 1969   (p. 9)    

VIPs - Visiting 

Visiting Vietnam - Group or Individual Tour

Visser, Siebren H.B. - Obituary  

Voden, Ray - Comments on Other Reasons for Hanoi Hannah     

Voice of Vietnam- Official Name for the Radio Station from which Hanoi Hannah broadcast

Voting - Promo Slide   DW(#13)

You Are Not Forgotten - Belinda Hauger  

Vung Tau - SEE Det 8 (unofficial), Cat Lo / Vung Tau

Vung Tau - The Vung Tau I used to know 

VVA - Vietnam Veterans of America