​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Taber, Charles E. - Get Out Any Way You Can: The Story of the Evacuation of House Seven   

Taiwan - R & R   

             - Report 

​Takacs, Stacy - "Educating the Troops"

Talking to the Books - Story by Ken Kalish

Tam Tran Ngoc - See Tran Ngoc Tam below

Tan Son Nhut - Association  

                          - Attacked    Again Attacked

                          - Attacks on Tan Son Nhut and Saigon (Data Base)

                          - A Typical Day in 1968   

                          - Bars     

                          - Mausoleum Just Outside the Base    

                          - Terminal Bombing - 1965   

                          - Welcome to Sunny Saigon Billboard

                          - Which gate did you go through?

                          - Attacked    
Air Base - Transportation to Studio  

Tang, Mrs. - Local National Employee - Photo by Mikesch, Go To   JM(#08)

Tanguay, Rick - Photo with others at Det 3
​​TAPS - Those Departed

​Tate, Mike "Bob?" - Giving the Sports News    RM(#26)

​Taylor, Charlie - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

                           - Photo - With Tom FIrchow and Bob Cordell    TF(#12)

                                         - With Peter Halperin and Tom Steinbeck   TF(#13)

                                         - With six others   TF(#16)

​Taylor, Donald - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​Taylor, Ron - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

TDY (Temporary Duty) Orders - How Many of Us Were Sent to the Detachments

                                                      - A Different Style of TDY Order   


Telephone Numbers, AFVN - Do You Remember these?  

Television Reception - Making your own Outdoor Antenna

Television Station - South Vietnamese    

                   - and Radio Stations in Vietnam as of 2013   

                   - for the Troops: The First TV Network Built in a War Zone by Richard Wirth     

                   - Also see "TV" below

                   - NBC to Help Set Up Four Vietnam TV Stations   

Terrorists Hit Twice in South Vietnam - Chicago Tribune   

TET '67 - Stray bullets hit main AFVN Studios   (p. 6)    

TET '68 - Attack on Hue, Summary of Events

              - Attack on Hue, Email message from Harry Ettmueller to Rita Novak

              - Attack on Hue, Harry Ettmueller Talking about the Hue Detachment 

              - Battle for Saigon Radio Station (South Vietnamese Government)  

              - CIA Report dated January 31, 1968

              - Damage to Saigon Main Station     (p. 8)

              - Helicopter Evacuation from in front of the Ky Son  

               - Location of Det 5 during TET '68

               -Stars and Stripes 50th Anniversary Special    

              - Telephone Report dated January 31, 1968

              - The First 36 Hours - AP Report (Primarily as seen in Saigon)

              - 25th Anniversary (CBS Presentation featuring Rick Fredericksen)

              - 25th Anniversary (Youtube Presentation)   

TET-  in Saigon in 1949   

      - Traditional Celebration of TET   

Tervet, Ian - Photos and Stories

Tex Ritter - Promoting Paul Botton's "Oriental Express"   

Thanksgiving at AFVN, 1967 - Dick Ellis' "Best Thanksgiving Dinner"

Thai-Ngyuen Dang - San Diego October 2014 Reunion - W/ Jean LeRoy & others  RH-Din(#13)

                                                                                                 - At the dinner  RH-Din(#19)

                                                                                                 - W/ Jean & Clarice LeRoy  RH-Din(#21)

                                                                                                 - W/ Jean L, Rick F & Dick E RH-Din(#23)

Thailand - AFTN's "White Christmas Moment"    

                - Introduction to AFTN and Map of Detachments

                - Map of U-tapao Showing Location of AFTN Detachment

                - Participation with the US in the Vietnam War

                - Udorn - Crash of RC-4C into the AFTN Station

                               - AFTN Official Crash Photos - April 1970      

                               - AFTN Roster of Those Killed in the above Tragedy

                               - The Udorn Nine - VIdeo of the Tragedy(25 Minutes)
                - "Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam WarNew York Times article

Therapy Llamas

Thieu, President - "Face the Nation" videotaped at AFVN      DE(#43)    DE(#44)  
                              - Entering the AFVN Studios    
DE(#41)    DE(#42) 

                              - Photo - at AFVN   (CL#05)

                              - Biography and Death     (Wikipedia)

                              - Visit to the AFVN Newsroom

Thomas, John - Photos and Stories

Thompson, Walt - Photo - Goodbye Party  (Not sure which one he is)

Thoughts on the Cost of War - A Story by Ken Kalish upon what the cost of war really is

Thoughts Upon Waking Up in the Middle of the Night - A story by Ken Kalish upon 

​                                                                                                        Arriving in Vietnam

Through the Soldiers' Ears - Sabis, Christopher C.   

Thu Houng (and Hanoi Hannah) - More On    

"Ti-Ti" (the dog) - AFVN Mascot in 1971

Tien Nam (Southern Heaven) Restaurant - Saigon

Tietze, Earl - BM(#20)      BM(#21)

Timeline - AFVN (Narrative and Graph)   

Tips for the Elderly when Traveling by Air

To Pledge Allegiance - Personal Stories from the Vietnam War 

Tobin, David "Gil" - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969     

​                                - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

                                - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

Tokyo - Photos by Cal LaMartiniere while on R&R   CL(#06)to CL(#10)

Tokyo Rose  

Tomb of the Unknown   

Tonight Show (The) - Promo Slide    Promo(#27)

Toothpaste - Hynos

Top Ten Songs of Vietnam   (Notes and the Actual Songs)  

Top Ten Vietnam War Movies      

Topping, Al (With Pan Am Airlines)  


Total Number of Personnel, AFVN    

Touch of Home (A) --The Story of AFN on Archive.org

Tower, AFVN - Photo - Steve Ashley  SA(#06)

                                      - Mike Kumm  MK(#01)

Tower Crew, AFVN - Taking down the Chu Lai Tower

"Town and Country" - Donald Cotterell

Train from Hani to Ninh Binh (2017)

Training and Weapon

Trains in Japan - Toilets

Tran, Hoi B. - Criticism of Ho Chi Minh and the North and South Vietnam Rulers 

Tran Ngoc Tam, General - Being Interviewed by Dick Ellis      DE(#25)  to  DE(#27) 

                                              - Out in the field

Tran To Tri - Photo in "The Observer" for July 6, 1963    TO(#06)   

Trapped, Soldiers Endure Brutal Firefight During the Siege of Hue

Travel Brochure, Vietnam (1961?)     

Travel Orders -Louis P. La Monica, Gilbert L. McDonald and Ron Turner

Travel Trips for the Elderly - Air

Treadwell, Amour - Photo - AFVN Awards Ceremony   GW(#03)

Tribute to Our Veterans (A)      

Tribute to Vietnam Veterans   

Train from Hanoi to Ninh Binh - As seen from  the Engineer's seat

Troop Levels in South Vietnam - 1959 to 1973   

Trotter, Bob - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​Tucker, Robert "Tommy" - Newsletter, January 1972 

​                                              - Video of Det 3, Pleiku in 1967 

Tudo Street - and  Le Loi Intersection - Photo   SA(#72) 

                      - Last Bar off in 1986   RF(#34)

Turcorre, Keith - Video of Det 3, Pleiku in 1967

Turner, Al - San Diego October 2014 Reunion

                   - San Diego October 2014 Reunion - Photo - Chow time the USS Midway   RF(#23)

Turner, BIll - Photo - "Johnny" Johnson's Farewell Party    CA(#02)  

                     - Photo - "Grill with a view"    CA(#05)

                     - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Turner, RIckey D. - Newsletter, January 1972

Turner, Ron - Memories and comments about the beginning of the draw-down of AFVN 

                      - Memories of Vietnam

                      - Photos and Memories  

                      - Walling BEQ Resident List  

Turner, SSG - Photo    RB(#28)

Turpin, Ira Leslie "Mike" - Anchorman's Mysterious Death  Story by Rick Fredericksen

                                           - Christmas Party, 1967      DL(#12)  DL(#19) 

                                           - Photos by Mikesch, Go To   JM(#39) to  JM(#42)

                                           - Mike - Seeking  (Group Discussion)

                                           - Lilly - Photo by Mikesch     JM(#43)

Turse, Nick - The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll

                                Article from The Intercept  

Tuy Hoa - SEE Det 6, Tuy Hoa

      - AFVN, Scope of, and TV and FM Schedules for July 1971 

TV - Also see "Television" above

     - Starts in Vietnam     

     - Control Room      JW(#09)         TF(#10)   

     - Engineering - Newsletter, Vol, 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969    

     - News Desk   JW(#10)

     - News Set   TF(#50)

     - Popular Programs in Vietnam

     - Production - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969   

     - Schedule for August 22, 1968    (AFRTS)

     - Schedule for August 23, 1969    (AFVN)

     - Sets - On sale in Cholon

     - Studio - AFVN Saigon Station   JW(#06)

     - Using TV Channels for Radio

Twenty Best Vietnam Protest Songs (The)

Twenty Harrowing Pictures From the Front Lines of Vietnam

Two MPs Killed Near Plaza BEQ   

Tyll, George - Florida April 2014 AFN Mini-Reunion



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