​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Taber, Chalres E. - Get Out Any Way You Can: The Story of the Evacuation of House Seven   

Taiwan - R & R   

             - Report 

Talking to the Books - Story by Ken Kalish

Tam Tran Ngoc - See Tran Ngoc Tam below

Tan Son Nhut - Association  

                          - Attacked  

                          - Attacks on Tan Son Nhut and Saigon (Data Base)

                          - A Typical Day in 1968   

                          - Bars     

                          - Mausoleum Just Outside the Base    

                          - Terminal Bombing - 1965   

                          - Welcome to Sunny Saigon Billboard

                          - Which gate did you go through?

                          - Attacked    
Air Base - Transportation to Studio  

Tang, Mrs. - Local National Employee      JM#08

Tanguay, Rick - - Photo with others at Det 3
​​TAPS - Those Departed

​Tate, Mike "Bob?" - Photo  RM#26

                                                - At the News Desk

​Taylor, Charlie - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

                           - Photo - With Tom FIrchow and Bob Cordell    

                                         - With Peter Halperin and Tom Steinbeck

                                         - With six others

​Taylor, Donald - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​Taylor, Ron - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

TDY (Temporary Duty) Orders - How Many of Us Were Sent to the Detachments   


Telephone Numbers, AFVN - Do You Remember these?  

Television Station - South Vietnamese    

                   - and Radio Stations in Vietnam as of 2013   

                   - for the Troops: The First TV Network Built in a War Zone by Richard Wirth     

                   - Also see "TV" below

                   - NBC to Help Set Up Four Vietnam TV Stations   

Terrorists Hit Twice in South Vietnam - Chicago Tribune   

TET '67 - Stray bullets hit main AFVN Studios   (p. 6)    

TET '68 - Attack on Hue, Summary of Events

              - Attack on Hue, Email message from Harry Ettmueller to Rita Novak

              - Attack on Hue, Harry Ettmueller Talking about the Hue Detachment 

              - Battle for Saigon Radio Station (South Vietnamese Government)  

              - CIA Report dated January 31, 1968

              - Damage to Saigon Main Station     (p. 8)  

               - Location of Det 5 during TET '68

               -Stars and Stripes 50th Anniversary Special    

              - Telephone Report dated January 31, 1968

              - The First 36 Hours - AP Report (Primarily as seen in Saigon)

              - 25th Anniversary (CBS Presentation featuring Rick Fredericksen)

              - 25th Anniversary (Youtube Presentation)   

TET-  in Saigon in 1949   

      - Traditional Celebration of TET   

Tervet, Ian - Photos and Stories

Tex Ritter - Promoting Paul Botton's "Oriental Express"   

Thanksgiving at AFVN, 1967 - Dick Ellis' "Best Thanksgiving Dinner"

Thai-Ngyuen Dang - San Diego October 2014 Reunion - Photo - With Jean LeRoy and others

                                                                                                                - At the dinner

                                                                                                                - With Jean and Clarice LeRoy

                                                                                                                - With Jean L, Rick F and Dick E

Thailand - AFTN's "White Christmas Moment"    

                 - Crash of RC-4C into the AFTN Station in Udorn    

                  - Participation with the US in the Vietnam War
                  - "Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam WarNew York Times article

Therapy Llamas

Thieu, President - "Face the Nation" videotaped at AFVN      DE(#43)    DE(#44)  
                              - Entering the AFVN Studios    
DE(#41)    DE(#42) 

                              - Photo - at AFVN

                              - Biography and Death     (Wikipedia)

Thomas, John - Photos and Stories

Thompson, Walt - Photo - Goodbye Party  (Not sure which one he is)

Thoughts on the Cost of War - A Story by Ken Kalish upon what the cost of war really is

Thoughts Upon Waking Up in the Middle of the Night - A story by Ken Kalish upon 

​                                                                                                        Arriving in Vietnam

Through the Soldiers' Ears - Sabis, Christopher C.   

Thu Houng (and Hanoi Hannah) - More On    

"Ti-Ti" (the dog) - AFVN Mascot in 1971

Tien Nam (Southern Heaven) Restaurant - Saigon

Tietze, Earl - BM(#20)      BM(#21)

Timeline - AFVN (Narrative and Graph)   

Tips for the Elderly when Traveling by Air

To Pledge Allegiance - Personal Stories from the Vietnam War 

Tobin, David "Gil" - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969     

​                                - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

                                - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

Tokyo Rose  

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tonight Show (The) - Promo Slide

Toothpaste - Hynos

Top Ten Songs of Vietnam   (Notes and the Actual Songs)  

Top Ten Vietnam War Movies      

Topping, Al (With Pan Am Airlines)  


Total Number of Personnel, AFVN    

Tower, AFVN - Photo - Steve Ashley

Tower Crew, AFVN - Taking down the Chu Lai Tower

"Town and Country" - Donald Cotterell

Training and Weapon

Tran, Hoi B. - Criticism of Ho Chi Minh and the North and South Vietnam Rulers 

Tran Ngoc Tam, General - Being Interviewed by Dick Ellis      DE(#25)  to  DE(#27) 

                                              - Out in the field

Tran To Tri - Photo in "The Observer" for July 6, 1963    TO(#06)   

Trapped, Soldiers Endure Brutal Firefight During the Siege of Hue

Travel Brochure, Vietnam (1961?)     

Travel Orders -Louis P. La Monica, Gilbert L. McDonald and Ron Turner

Travel Trips for the Elderly - Air

Treadwell, Amour - Photo - AFVN Awards Ceremony   GW(#03)

Tribute to Our Veterans (A)      

Tribute to Vietnam Veterans   

Troop Levels in South Vietnam - 1959 to 1973   

Trotter, Bob - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​Tucker, Robert "Tommy" - Newsletter, January 1972 

​                                            - Video of Det 3, Pleiku in 1967 

Tudo Street - and  Le Loi Intersection - Photo  

                      - Last Bar off in 1986

Turner, Al - San Diego October 2014 Reunion

                   - San Diego October 2014 Reunion - Photo - Chow time on board the USS Midway

Turner, BIll - Photo - "Johnny" Johnson's Farewell Party  

                     - Photo - "Grill with a view"

                     - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Turner, RIckey D. - Newsletter, January 1972

Turner, Ron - Memories and comments about the beginning of the draw-down of AFVN 

                      - Memories of Vietnam

                      - Photos and Memories  

                      - Walling BEQ Resident List  

Turner, SSG - Photo    RB(#28)

Turpin, Ira Leslie "Mike" - Christmas Party, 1967      DL#12 

                                            - Photos     JM#39     JM#40     JM#41     JM#42

Turpin, Lilly - Photo    MK#43

Turpin, Mike - Seeking

Turse, Nick - The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll

                                Article from The Intercept_  

Tuy Hoa - SEE Det 6, Tuy Hoa

      - AFVN, Scope of, and TV and FM Schedules for July 1971 

TV - Also see "Television" above

     - Starts in Vietnam     

     - Control Room      JW#10         TF#10   

     - Engineering - Newsletter, Vol, 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969    

     - News Desk

     - News Set

     - Production - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969   

     - Schedule for August 22, 1968    (AFRTS)

     - Schedule for August 23, 1969    (AFVN)

     - Sets - On sale in Cholon

     - Studio - AFVN Saigon Station

     - Using TV Channels for Radio

Twenty Best Vietnam Protest Songs (The)

Twenty Harrowing Pictures From the Front Lines of Vietnam

Two MPs Killed Near Plaza BEQ   

Tyll, George - Florida April 2014 AFN Mini-Reunion



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