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​​Yahoo Group - SEE AFVN - Founding and Anniversaries

                         - AFVN, Joining Yahoo Group

                         - Yablonka, Marc    Purchasing his Book    Second Site

Yarborough, Margie - Donut Dollies Made Lasting Impression in Vietnam  (Florida Times-Union)

Yates, Ron - Getting Out of Saigon

Ybanez, Jesse - Newsletter dated January 1972   

Yellow Ribbons - A short story by Ken Kalish about a World War Two veteran, his son and 

                                      his son's friend      

Yellow Mist - Toilets on Japanese Trains

Yokel, John Edward - Photo - "Johnny" Johnson's Farewell Party

                           ​                       - Photo - At "Boom Boom Rock"   CA(#23)

You Can Tell You are or were Military...

Young, Perry Deane - AWOL to Vietnam

Young, Robert W. "Bob"   - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 1, 1969  

​                           ​                  - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​                           ​                  - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

​                             ​                ​- Refurbished Jeep - Group Conversation

​                            ​                 - Refurbished Jeep - Slide Show  

                                             - With Adrian Cronauer in Augusta, GA Veterans Day Parade

                                             - With Jim Kyser

Young, Robert C. - Photo - With others at Det. 3

                               - Video of Det 3, Pleiku in 1967

Young, Ruben III - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969    

Young, Thomas Franklin - KIA

Younger, Edward - Selecting the Soldier to be in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

You're a Jew - A short Story by Ken Kalish about an encounter with a bigot

Yum, Mrs. - Local National Employee -    JM(#09)