​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​D'Allusio, Joseph A. "Joe" - Photo - Quang Tri "Everyone Club"    DW(#01)

                                               - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

Dadd, Bruce - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 7, September 1969

                        - Radio News for March 29, 1969

Daddy's Poem  

Dai Nam Hotel (BEQ) - Reminiscences and Stories, Jim Allingham - 1

Daigle, Patrick - Photo  JF(#13)

Daily Appeal (The)

                                   - No More News Articles (Censorship)

Dalton, Darrell - Video of Det 3, Pleiku in 1967

Dalton, Don - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969 

Da Nang - SEE Det 2, Da Nang below

Daniels, Ralph - Reminiscences and Stories, Preston Cluff - 2    

DAO - SEE Defense Attache Office

Dare. Donald J. - Newsletter, January 1972  (Mentioned twice)    

Dashboard Record Player

DA Special Photographic Office (DASPO)   

"Date with Chris" - Chris Noel

DASPO (Dept. of the Army Special Photographic Office) 

Data Base of Attacks on Tan Son Nhut and Saigon

Davies, Phil - Photos and Stories

Davis, Aanon - Newsletter, January 1972  

Davis, Anne B. - Photos - Interviewed by Dick Ellis      DE(#49) and DE(#50) 

Davis, Arthur - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 1, 1969  (Misspelled "David") 

                          - Walling BEQ Resident List      

"Dawnbuster" - John Allgood

                           - Pat Sajak, 1968 

Day It Became the Longest War (The) - Book by Charles G. Cooper

Day of Infamy, 7 December 1941 - The Story of Forrest Brandt's Family

Dayton, Ohio - AFVN Reunion, May 1 to 4, 2008

                          - AFVN Reunion, May 1 to 4, 2008 - Ill-fated

DC-3 at 75

DC-8 Lands on Marble Mountain, Vietnam, 1969    

DD Form 214,  Replacing a

Deadly Stigma: Robin Williams' Suicide Exposes Silent Epidemic

​Dean, Dave - Newsletter dated January 1972

Dean, Jerry (?) - Photo

Dean Martin Show (The) - Promo Slide     PROMO(#09)

Deaner, Thomas - Washington November 2002 Reunion Group Photo

                                - AFVN Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969   (Twice) 

                                - Photo - Building the tower at Quang Tri     DW(#02)

                                - Photo - With Vic Sage

                                - Photo - With others of Det 5, Quang Tri

​                                - Reminiscences and Stories  

Death of Ho Chi Minh

DeBorchegrave, Arnaud - Hanoi Hannah using his Newsweek Articles  

DeCastro, Tom - Reminiscences and Stories, Cal Lamartiniere - 8

Deceased AFVN Personnel (TAPS page)  [Not listed individually in this index.]

Decorations - Replacing Awards and Decorations

Deemer, John - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969   

Deering, John A. - POW

                               - Photo with the other AFVN POWs taken just before their release

Defecating and Urinating Outside

Defense Attache Office - Final Assessment for January through June 1975   

                                            - Telephone Book for 1973    

                                            - Celebrates 50 years of Training

Defense Information School - 50th Anniversary Video  

                                                   - Rick Fredericksen as a student

Defense Intelligence Agency  

Defense Language Institute    

DeGroot, John - 1970 AFVN Audience Opinion Survey   

Dehumanizing the Enemy

​Deleon, Morty - Newsletter dated January 1972

DeMille, Nelson - "Up Country"

Democracy on a Dial:  A Short History of AFN in Europe

Del Vicchio, John M. - Burning History: The Fallacy of Inevitability and the Truncation of History

Deleon-Morales, Mortimer - Walling BEQ Resident List     

Delusio, Joe - Photo with others of Det 5, Quang Tri

Dennis, Lee - Giving fruitcakes to orphans

                       - Photo - At the 10th AFVN Anniversary Party

Denver, Bob - Interviewed by Dick Ellis        DE(#02)   DE(#03)  

Departing VIetnam - March 27 to 29, 1973    

Dependent Children Visiting AFRS

​DeRogge, Bob - Photo "Living in the Jungle"     BN(#09)     BN(#28)

Detachment Personnel - Assigned or TDY?

Detachments  SEE Index_D-Dets

DeWeese, Kathy - Photo    BN(#17)

                               - Photo - with Ted Cunningham  CP(#11)

Dewlewski, Daniel - Photo - Constructing Det 2 Tower    FS(#01)

Diary - Saigon    

DiBernardo, James V. -- POW   

Dickie's Nose Job

Dictionary - Related to Vietnam (An Unofficial)  

                    - Military and Associated Terms (DOD)  

Diem, President

Digital Images - Converting to

​Dimaggio, Joe - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Dimension 7 (Palladino News Show) - AFVN Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 7 dated September 1969

Dimmer Switch, Foot Operated

Dimick, Roger - Photos and Stories

DINFOS - Broadcast Writing Style Guide

                - Celebrates 50th Years of Training  (video)

                - Opens at Fort Benjamin Harrison

​Dimmer Switch, Floorboard

​Dingwerth, Jerome - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Discipline in the Army - Improving

Discounts for the Disabled         

Discounts - Veterans

"Dispatches from Vietnam" - by John Steinbeck, III

​Dixon, John - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​                       - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

Dobie Gillis - Promo Slide    PROMO(#10)

Dock Strike in Saigon - 1966-67  

Documentary - Effects of World War II on the Surviving Soldiers - Let there be Light  

                           - On AFVN, Planning for a

                           - The Ken Burns Documentary -- A Review by Marc Leepson, Arts Editor VVA

                           - "The 10,000 Day War" (Vietnam War)

                           - "The Vietnam War" by Ken Burns

                           - "We Can't Forget Vietnam"  

"Dodge City" (MACV E-6 and up BEQ and Open Mess) - Torn Down

Dog - Hundchen - Steve Sevits

        - Molly - Ken Klaish

Dog Tags - Cigarette Lighters, Artifacts, Dog Tags, and Cu Chi Tunnels

Dogs of War (Animals and PTSD)    

Doherty, "Dirty Dan" - Helped with "This is Saigon" (ABC, 1967)

                                      - Photo (in the background)  with Hugh O'Brian -  By Mikesch   JM(#37

                                       - News Director

                                       - Reminiscences and Stories, Preston Cluff - 1   

                                       - Reminiscences and Stories, Cal LaMartiniere - 4  

                                       - Reminiscences and Stories, Cal LaMartiniere - 7  

                                       - Reminiscences and Stories, David O'Connor 

Dole, Bob - Comments by Dick Ellis       

Dolls Work Out - Clipping from the 4th Division    

Dollies - Backhawks Soar with    

Domino - A Story by Ken Kalish bringing home an unwelcome kill

Dong (Piasters) - South Vietnamese Money       JF(#02)  

Donut Dollies - American Red Cross

Donut Dollies - How Red Cross Donut Dollies Supported U.S. Troops During Wartime

Donut Dollies in Vietnam: Baby-Blue Dresses and OD Green - Book by Nancy Smoyer

                                               - Made a Lasting Impression   Article in the Florida Times-Union

Donut Dollies (The) - A Facebook page dedicated to the Donut Dollies    

                                    - A Group of Donut Dollies Newly Arrived at Tan Son Nhut

                                    - Meet the

                                    - Use your browser to search on "Donut Dollies Vietnam"

                                                   for lots of hits about the Donut Dollies

Donut Dollie - Holly Watts - Story    

                                                 - Video    

                         - Nancy Smoyer      

                                                       - Stories   

                         - USO and MARS

Donut Dolly - Emily Strange   

                        - On the Air

Doremus, John - Nha Trang Air Check

Dormody, Denny R. - Newsletter, January 1972   

Dornberg, Don - Memphis October 2012 Reunion

                             - Memphis October 2012 Reunion - Photo - Dinner    FB(#03)   FB(#11)   FB(#15)

                             - Photos and Stories

                             - San Diego October 2014 - Photo - Dinner  RH-Din(#08)

Dorrance, Sturges - Deputy Officer-in-Charge 

                                   - Photo      BN(#11)

                                   - Photo - With John RIce  CP(#18)

Dotson, Douglas - Photo - Goodbye Party

Double Agent - Pham Chuyen

Doung Van - BIg Minh's Driver

Dove, Edgar C. - AFVN Inspection Tour 1970

Dowling, Ralph - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

                             - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969  

​                             - Photo with others of Det 5, Quang Tri

Downes, Dick - Photos and Stories

                          - Memories of Visits to Fire Bases

Do You Have One of These in Your Car?

Do You Remember these Telephone Numbers? 

Drafted (Conscripted) into Japan Army

Draft (The) 

Draftee, VIetnam's Last - CW5 Ralph E. Rigby

Dragnet - Promo Slide    PROMO(#11)

Dragon Mountain - Det 3, Pleiku

Driscoll, John - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969  

Driving in Saigon

Drobnick, Dan - Photo

Drone Medal

Drone Trip from Saigon to Hanoi  

Drone's Eye View of Saigon (A)   

Drug Problem Poster - Det 1

                                        - Main Station    RB(#36)

Dunlap, "Stormin Norman" - Video of Det 3, Pleiku in 1967

Dufault, Ron - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Durrance, Dick - "What I Learned Photographing the Vietnam War"

Dying, Regulation on Procedures for    



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