Pabon, Danny - BM(#24) ​​​​​​​    BM(#25)

Pacific Link, two-way underwater cable between AFRTS-LA and AFRT, Vietnam   

Pace, B. - With Efrem Zimbalist - Photo by Mikesch, Go To     JM(#29)

​Packer, Lynn - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​                        - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

                        - Photo - With others of Det 5, Quang Tri

                                      - By Peter Berlin    PB(# 25)

                        - With those involved in the censorship controversy

Pagoda, Ancient Vietnam - Photo from the air    SA(#47)

Pahm Chuyen - Double Agent?

​Palladino, Nick -  Preston Cluff and Nick getting a free jeep

                            - Article on Nick from the AFV TV Guide, January, and February 1976.

                            -  Newsletter, Vol 2, No. 7, September 1969

                            - Photo - PC(#08) 

                                          - In the Newsroom   RM(#22)

                                          - 1968 Election News    RM(#40)

                                          -  Taken at the August 1970 AFVN Anniversary Party

                            - Reminiscences and Stories, Joe Ciokon

                            - Reminiscences and Stories, Preston Cluff - 1    

                            - Reminiscences and Stories, Preston Cluff - 2  

                            - Shooting (Execution) of Nguyen Van Lem

                            - Which Member of AFVN Served the Longest In Vietnam?

Pan American - Advertising Pan Am R&R Flights on AFVN

                          - "Welcome to Sunny Saigon" Sign

Pandora's Box - A short novel by Paul Kasper

Panorama (Radio Program) - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Pappas, Ike - Songs of War in Vietnam

​Pappas, Milt (Baseball Player) - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Papworth, Phil - Newsletter, Vol 2, No. 7, September 1969

Parasites - Vietnam Liver Flukes may Cause Liver Cancer

Parham, Robert - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

Parkinson's Disease - VA Recognition of

Parlor, Carroll - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

                          - Photo - With Bob Mandler and Tim Nicholas     DW(#10)

                                        - With others of Det 5, Quang Tri

                                        - Putting a sign up for the Quang Tri Station    DW(#01)

Parrott, William - Photo    TF(#17)

Partial History of AFVN - Author Unknown   

Passwaters, Bob and Brigitte - April 2014 AFN Mini-Reunion

Patches, Badges and other Memorabilia - AFVN and Vietnam   

Patterson, Melody - LWLG(#05)     LWJG(#06)   LWJG(#10)    LWPS(#05)

Pauli, James M.       DL(#11)

​Pauli, John T. "IO Americal Division" - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

Pay Checks - Distribution to Detachments

Paying Respects, Pentagon revives Vietnam, and War Over Truth    

Peaches - Det 2's monkey mascot   (Two photos)

Peabody Award - Rick Fredericksen Receives the....

Pease, Chris - Newsletter, January 1972    

Peetz, Bob - 

Pennington, Troy D. - AFVN Radio Newscast, September 28, 1970

                                     - Meeting a Donut Dollie for the first time

                                     - Photos and Stories

                                     - BM(#04)

Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum

Pentagon, The - The First 50 Years  

Perfect Soldier (A) - A story by Ken Kalish about what makes a perfect soldier

Perry Mason - Promo Slide    Promo(#23)

Perry, Stephen L. - AFVN Walling BEQ Resident List  

Personnel Turnover in 1967-68

Peter Gunn - Promo Slide    Promo(#24)

Peterson, Neal - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 7, September 1969

Petterson, Kim R, - Photo - 1968 Election News    RM(#40)

Pham Chuyen - Double Agent

​Phieffer, Peter M. - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 9 dated November 1969

​                                - Reminiscences and Stories, Thomas Deaner   

​                                - Photo - "Sandbag Protection NCO"    DW(#12)

​                                - Photo - With others of Det 5, Quang Tri

Phishers, Malware and Scammers

"Photographing the Vietnam War (What I Learned)" - Dick Durrance

​Photography Shaped Our Narratives of the Vietnam War (How)

Photos and Postcards, etc. from Vietnam  

Photos - Forgotten Images of the Vietnam War Made for the Americans Who Fought In It

Photos from 1969 to 1986 (?) - Saigon   

Photos & Stories, AFVN    (Goes to a sub-index)

Photos - 28 Rarely Seen from the Vietnam War    

              -  Vietnam in     Part One      Part Two     Part Three 

Piaster (Dong)  JF(#02) 

Piech, Joseph J.  - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 3, May 15, 1969    

Pierce, Lewis "Steve" - Newsletter, Vol, 2, No. 4, June 15, 1969

​                                        - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969  

Pilots - Helicopter, in Vietnam

Pilsch, Tom - Webmaster for a Web Page on the TET 68 Battle for Hue

Pistol - Army Wants a Harder-Hitting

Pinkette, Paige - KLIK

Pinpointing the Exact Location of Det 2, Da Nang

Pitman Building (Helicopter evacuation)   HS(#25)   MM(#01)

​Pitman, Dale - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.10 dated December 1969

                         - Photo - 1968 Election News      RM(#38)

​Pitts, Mike - Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 10 dated December 1969

                    - Receiving an Award

                    - Washington November 2002 Reunion (Chief Organizer)

                    - At Det 2 with the Det's mascot, "Peaches"    (Two photos)

Pitzer, Scott - Photo by Larry Woods    LW(#08)

Pizza Hut between Plaza and Kyson    MM(#09)  

Planning Your Legacy

Playboy Magazine and Playmates

Playlists - AFVN - From Ken Kalish  

Plaza BEQ - Defended against a VC attack   (Charlie Gets a Surprise)  

                   - Exterior in 1986   RF(#28)

                   - Google Map Photos    MM(#07)    Photos of various BOQs and BEQs  

                    - In 1969   RF(#14)  

                    - In 2015    HS(#23)    HS(#24)

                    - In 2015  (Short video by Harry Simons)  

                    - Laundry Day in 1969   RF(#18)

                    - Lobby in 1986   RF(#27)

                   - Located on Tran Hung Dao

                   - Plaza BEQ / Curfew / Famous AFVNers

                   - Rick Fredericksen's room - In 1969  RF(#19)

                                                                     - In 1986   RF(#26)

                   - Rick Fredericksen's blog on the Plaza Hotel

                   - The War from the Roof   RF(#20)

"Pleiku Late Night" - Bruce Wahl

Pleiku - SEE Det 3, Pleiku

Pletsch, John - Photo - With Bob Cordell   TF(#14)

                                      - Taking a break    TF(#88)

                                      - With Harvey Germinder   TF(#95)

                                      - With Harvey Germinder and others    TF(#90)

Pog / Pogie / Pogie Bait

POG - Undeniable Signs You're a Super POG

Policies, AFVN as of April/May 1970  

Polick, Mel - Photo - AFVN Awards Ceremony  GW(#03)

Poll of Soldiers in the Field, Results of  

Postage Stamps of South Vietnam - 1951 to 1975  

Postcards - Vietnam

Powers, Bud - Photo with others at Det 3     


            - AFVN instrumental in the release of   (p. 8)     

            - Listening to Hanoi Hannah  

            - MIA Talks, 1987   RF(#44)

            - The Honored 

            - US - Also see US POWs


Pratt, Stan - Museum Display on the Vietnam War

Preface and Credits

President Hotel    MM(#08)

Presidential Election - AFVN Coverage of the 1968 Presidential Election    

Presidential Palace (Rep. of South Vietnam) - TF(#26)      TF(#27)

                                                                              - Secret Transmitter (April 1975)

Press Camp - 11th Public Information Det. (Press) 1st Field Force, Vietnam - RM(#14)

Press Center - Da Nang    RM(#15)

​Price, Francis K., Jr. - 1970 AFVN Audience Opinion Survey 

                                   - Congratulating Tom Segel

                                   - Reminiscences and Stories, Roger Ashworth - 2

                                   - Toy Tank Story  

Principal Reports from Communist Radio and Press Sources - (JUSPAO Reports)    

Prisioners of War (in Vietnam) - Reunion at the Nixon Library

Productions Sounds (and Public Service Announcements) - Prepared by Bob Morecook

Profeta, Ray and Mary - Memphis October 2012 Reunion   

                       - Memphis October 2012 Reunion - In line for food  RH(#04)   RH(#12)

                                                                                    -  At the Dinner   FB(#12)   FB(#13)

                                                                                    - Mary with her lottery prize   RH(#20)

                                                                                    - Checking his lottery prize   RH(#27)

                       - In the Radio Production Room   RF(#15)

                       - Photo - AFVN Radio Staff in 1969   GW(#02)

​Project Jenny Separate Section and Table of Contents

                        - Other References

                        - Airplanes Damaged in Mortar Attack

                        - Airplanes Damaged in Mortar Attack  (p. 5)

                        -Are We Coming in Clear? 

                        - Broadcasting Equipment Configuration    

                        - Broadcasting from the Air

                        - Broadcasts Audio of World Series

                        - Planning Begins   

                        - TV Debuts and Mission    

                        - Starts Operational TV in Vietnam    

                        - Work Begins on   

Promo Slides - Quang Tri, Det 5

Promotion Ceremony in the TV Studio

Propaganda - German Church Fire - New Year's 20017

Prosser, Craig - San Diego October 2014 Reunion

                                                                                         - Wearing 1963/64 "uniform"  RH-HR18th(#10)

​                                                                                         - Steve Sutherland and 

                                                                                                      Rick Fredericksen   RHMar(#05)

                                                                                          - Winning 50 cal. bottle opener  RH-Lot(#04)

Prosser, Craig - 2016 Raleigh Reunion - Video  

                          - Photos and Stories

Provence, Phillip - Newsletter dated January 1972

Prunier, Henry A. - Died / Had Trained General Vo Nguyen Giap   

Psak, Jim - Photo 

Psychological Warfare Medal - Award of to AFVN Personnel

PSYOPS - How the Military Conducts

PSYOPS in Vietnam - BBC Radio Program 

PTSD - Dealing with those who suffer from PTSD

          - and Sleep   Ideas for those who suffer from PTSD to improve their sleep habits.  

          - and Vietnamese Psychiatrists

Public Service Announcements and Productions Sounds - Prepared by Bob Morecook 

Public Service Announcement    - In Military Broadcasting in Vietnam and Korea

                                                                    Panel Discussion with Adrian Cronauer,

                                                                    Paul Bottoms and Tony Booth (AFKN)     

Pueblo, USS - Captured by North Korea

Pulwers, Jack - Reminiscences and Stories, Cal Lamartiniere - 8  

                        - Reminiscences and Stories, Preston Cluff -

"Purple Grotto Jazz" - Manny Harper

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